Augusta First Seventh-day Adventist Church

Small groups

Revelation study

Monday nights 6-7 pm eastern time Meeting code: 862 5592 1428 Password: 986325

Contact Hope(706 691-9040) or Randy Bogan ( 706 691 9059) for more info. Bible studies are for all faiths, men and women, and anyone that wants to know God better!


“A Peace of Bread” - Women's bible study

is verse by verse text based Bible study open to any woman who wants to know and love God more and practically live a life for Him in the context of life as it is today with all of its joys and pains, opportunities and challenges. A verse by verse approach is taken in an attempt to get all God intends for us in one hour. Expect to be challenged and transformed. Tuesdays 1:00 pm Zoom info: Meeting code 814 8057 3284 Password 331821


Prayer meeting

A deep study through the book of John and an uplifting time in prayer. 

Wednesday 7-8

Zoom Mtg ID: 954 5266 5712 Psw: 236213


Study of Revelation

Starting March 26 every Friday 7-8pm on Zoom. Zoom code: 860 3936 5509, password 781053

An in- depth study, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, scripture based, open to all faiths.

Leader: Randy and Hope Bogan (706) 691-9040


Is God Just?

Starting April 2nd every Friday @ 8pm on Zoom. Zoom code: 833 8814 4880 password 522931

Do you think God is just? Find out the incredible truth about God’s justice. What is everlasting about the consequences of the judgment and the truth about a loving God. Discover what happened at the cross and learn about a real event - the judgment.

Leader: Cristina Trevino (706)-414-8560


Creation Health

Starting April 11, 2021. Every Sunday at 6pm on Zoom ID: 86266806321 Pass: 419214

This is about wellness, and wellness is more than health or absence of disease. Wellness is being mentally fit, physically robust, spiritually vital, and socially comfortable. It is being able to face accidents, aging, and illness with a positive outlook. Most of all, it is trusting that a loving and kind God has a "better idea" for living, and that he is eager to help us experience full life a whole He created us to live!

Welcome to Creation Health, God's prescription for living.

Leader:  Beverly Scarlett (706) 799-0560


Happy Family

Starting April 17

This is a series of 15 four-page lessons. Each one deals with a Family Issue and a compatible Bible Doctrine.

Leader: Roddy and Samantha Tojino (914) 456-7117

605 Medinah Dr.

Martinez, GA 30907


Back to Basics

Time & Location: TBD

-In this small group we will be focusing on the fundamentals of Scripture.  The purpose of these studies is to develop a solid foundation that can be built upon.  Attendees will also learn how to practically study the Bible. This groups is tailored to Young Adults

Leader: Pastor Kurt Osena  (423) 290-3336


Survival Training

In our church. Time and starting date TBD.

You will learn how to hide Scripture in your heart, and keep it there, effectively! This simple but powerful course gives you everything you need to get started: five Bible Searches, weekly objectives, and our ten keys to memorizing--all drawn straight from the Bible! The five studies in the Survival Kit focus on concepts critical to success as a Christian: grace, faith, and repentance, while introducing the importance of prayer, Bible Study and Christian fellowship.

Leader: Rodney and Joan McClellan (770) 330-5488


God in all 66

Time and starting date TBD.

A study through the books of the Bible with primary purpose to see how God is revealed in each book. You will be blessed as you will see more of God's character His attributes and His love through each book of the Bible.

Leader: Greg Fowler (706) 951-1058